Here we go again folks! Now a British clothing site called Bittersweet is ripping off my (Owl) Strigiformes painting and selling the image on sweatshirts and hats.

I am in the process of dealing with this situation. In the meantime, please do not buy this product. This is theft.

For those of you who don’t know last month I posted a notice on Tumblr that a clothing company Romwe stole my painting and reproduced it on sweatshirts that look just like the image above. Maybe Bittersweet is affiliated with the Company Romwe since the sweatshirt appears to be the same product. I sent Romwe a Cease and Desist which they ignored but quickly took the sweater off their site claiming it ‘Sold out’. These companies also known as ‘Design pirates’ prey on independent artists and designers assuming they have not registered their copyrights. The legal costs of enforcing copyrights are very time consuming and exhausting. The average cost of pursuing a copyright infringement suit with damages less than $1 million starts at around $200,000. Even though I have a registered copyright of my work, I still have to deal with the legal maze to prove that it is in fact my design that has been stolen. 

"It sounds hopeless, which is what design pirates are counting on. But there’s something design pirates should fear even more than legal battles: publicity.”

How a Company Gets Away with Stealing Independant Designers work

This affects everyone so please be an awesome person and

Spread the Word! 

Thank you!